Getting started on WordPress

OK, I tried to reblog this, but it didn’t work, so I am going to put in a link. I could have used this information when I first started! There are still a few things I am learning, so I share:

Get Going Fast: A Checklist

Create Presentations Easily on with Shortcodes

VodPod has become Lockerz. Huh?!?

Aww, crud! VodPod and its WordPress widget was so simple to use, but now all my videos have migrated to Lockerz and it is much more complicated. Vodpod was about video collections and Lockerz looks like it’s about…I don’t know…shopping? I certainly see a lot of girly stuff – clothing, fashion, hair and nails, art and adolescent/twenty-something self-absorption with being trendy and cool. I don’t want to shop or earn “PTZ” and I am sooo indifferent to impressing people! I wouldn’t go back to that state of mind for all the money in the world. Seriously! (But that’s fodder for another post.)

Whatever it is supposed to be, I find it very distracting for it has very little to do with simply collecting videos for sharing – it’s a real conceptual stretch to connect the two and the environment is even more busy and annoying than YouTube.  I wanted simplicity, and this is the opposite. Yes, they actually do have a way to get to my videos, but I must navigate the maze of consumerism to get these, which I simply do not want to do.


So, since Lockerz does things very differently than Vodpod, and for the sake of simplicity, I have removed the widget from my blog, never to return, and have embedded the related videos in each post and will do that from now on.

Google’s over-reaching grasp – an escape plan…

Read the new Google privacy policy? What happened to “Don’t be evil”? I used to like them and still use many Google products (so far…) but they’ve become over-reaching, tracking us, and I don’t like the way they are forcing us to combine things (i.e., must have Gmail to have a YouTube account, etc.). Why be concerned about tracking? Read this (few words, many images, plenty info):, and have you heard about “search engine bubbling”? Read this:

I’m beginning my efforts to independence.

First change: my new search engine is Nice, clean, simple interface, no tracking (full privacy!), great search results.

Second: After researching, I migrated my blog from Blogger (Google required me to be signed into a particular Gmail account just to access it!) to WordPress, though I will miss a few features for a while.

Actively seeking alternatives to other stuff. Will keep you posted.

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