Humorous videos moment: 50 Jokes in 4 minutes

…and if you are a geek you will understand nearly all of them. Oh, and don’t show this to your kids unless you have watched this first as some are not what you want kids retelling (sorry, I don’t get to pick the jokes).

Oh, alright, here are some more, but remember, you wanted them so don’t blame me (and the same above caveat applies)

And for those who love nerdy/geek jokes and don’t know where to find them (forewarned, some are a bit salacious, but that’s nerds for you)

Oh, and sorry about the other YouTube junk that shows up at the end of the videos (I wish it was avoidable…). I suppose I could download them, trim and re-upload them to WordPress, but this is a free account and I believe there are storage limits.

Back to unpacking – it was a nice extended weekend vacation in a place where there is no cell coverage or internet – I should probably  do that more often.

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