Muslims and Jesus – Part 1. Mohammad Yamout

Muslim Mondays? It’s hard to know how to title this new…”series?” I expect it to have a  limited audience, but I want to try to help people to not fear and hate Muslims.

Yes, there’s a segment of Islam that leans toward radical (but only a segment) who have bad intentions against us and the “West” (I’m under no illusions, nor am I a mushy-brained fool living in fantasy land), but that’s not all of them. It’s so much more complex, because they are people, just like you and me.

Many Muslims are very unhappy at seeing this increasingly violent side of a religion that even they thought/were taught was a “religion of peace.” Many are frankly looking at other monotheistic religions, some out of curiosity, and some from disillusionment, and there’s a ground-swell of those who are believing in Jesus (Isa) in record numbers, in spite of the very real risk of losing everything, of persecution, and even death!

I don’t plan to do much explaining, because that accomplishes nothing. Instead, meet them through their stories and learn that way. Mohammed’s story is not dramatic, nor intense, but it’s interesting to learn how he grew up and what he’s now doing for others. He’s warm, gentle and loving, and I think that if you are willing to listen to his 44 minutes  (most others are shorter) you will gain a new perspective, and it may even challenge you.

As a Jesus Follower I see how important each one of them are to God, for He loves them too, and wants them to be with Him forever, just like every other person. I’m also one of an even smaller (but growing!) number of people who, frankly, love them, and not just because I spent years in the Middle East. May God bless this small endeavor.

Sunday Insight – Intellectual Sunni Decides to Follow Jesus

People don’t always pick the best Youtube video titles, and this one doesn’t adequately reflect the content, but that’s a constant problem.

This young Turk did not want to become a Christian but, faced with things he didn’t understand, was intellectually honest enough to seek answers and facts, no matter how he felt. His path to faith in Jesus (Isa) was not all that unusual for a Muslim, but for those who aren’t familiar with their accounts and how it affects them, the stories are intriguing. He now has a clear goal and, if he is not martyred before then, is going to be a great leader.

Lack of knowledge engenders fear, thus people fear Islam.

Since 911 many things have changed in our knowledge of Islam. There are now people who have studied and explain what Islam teaches and, many Muslims have started to read the Quran in their own language…huh? They have haven’t been? No. Like Catholics of many generations ago (Latin-only liturgies and Biblical readings), Muslims only read/memorize the Quran in archaic Arabic (there is a reason, but not going into it here). Since then, translations have been made available in local languages and when Muslims read what it actually says, it can be…surprising, to say the least, and many are making unexpected decisions.

This is the archive of a recent live-stream event called “Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward” with Nabeel Qureshi (almost 2 hours.) This picture you see is his latest book of the same name, but this video opens with 30 minutes of his story. It’s gripping. He tells about his Muslim upbringing, how he responded to a friend’s questions and what he learned. At least listen to his first 30 minutes.

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