The value of kindness

Don’t know why this was sitting in my drafts folder…it’s not anymore.

Music video moment – One of those days….

It’s just been one of those days. Sigh…

Anyhow, the song is apropos, yet upbeat.

Still alive and kicking, but….

Probably a month ago I got nominated for a blog award (thanks, and I am working on my end of it), and then, like the shoemaker’s elves, I abruptly disappeared.

However, there were extenuating circumstances: went out of town to a place with no cell coverage, or internet; then did interpreting for the deaf for a homeschool convention; got a nasty virus for over a week; end of the year testing for homeschool to then be submitted to the school district but got the wrong test and had to re-order and am dependent on the USPS :-(; finally found a moment to get my garden in (late, as usual, more about that later); preparing for the Monroe County Fair as both volunteers and participants… (do you hear the tiny voice wailing “help me!”?).

In the meantime my bloggers brain swirls with ideas, paragraphs, snippets all crying “Write me!” and I’m just a tad overwhelmed. Blah! All I’ll have time for, for about a week I guess, will be short bits, then I pray I will have a moment to breathe and write a bit more. (Well, I did think my life was becoming a bit out of balance by blogging too much and neglecting other responsibilities, and I did ask God for help, but this is not quite how I envisioned the answer.)

Accepting the “Creative” challenge…

RCGale ( has put out a challenge asking people to share what gives them the courage to create, our doubts, and how we find our first word. Challenge accepted, but based on what I sometimes read on the internet and blogosphere I suspect that my response will not be something with which very many can relate, but no matter, you asked. The real challenge will be to write about myself since I prefer writing about ideas, but here goes.

Am I a truly a Creative? I wonder… I write because I am a writer, a “teacher,” a sharer of insights, ideas and information – I am a Wordsmith. It takes no courage for me to write in the same way it takes no courage for a bird to fly – it is the outpouring of who I am, with no tinge of arrogance or indifference. So if I do not wrestle in this way, do I even qualify?

It is gratifying when others appreciate my offerings, but lacking a huge following causes no sense of doubt, fear or angst because being just another voice in a big world is a fact of life, and I have done my best. I don’t write to be validated. I am not seeking to impress or offend, receive accolades or awards and, since I am not paid to write, I cannot be fired – I am free! Agree or disagree, follow or ignore, I continue sharing what cries at the door of my soul to be let out, be it practical, thought-provoking, humorous or profound.

It also helps that I am not twenty-something, thirty-something or even forty-something  — maturity makes a difference. I have…

  • read enough – and broadly enough,
  • observed and learned enough,
  • lived long enough in enough places,
  • and (most importantly) walked long enough with my Maker and Savior

that I have developed the perspective and confidence to simply Be.

Sometimes the impetus is that I see, read, hear or learn something, but it is incomplete, not all there, or not well expressed, and then I feel impelled to write about it, and if nothing strikes me, I don’t. My first words come about because they best express the idea. Yes, taking the time to find the right words and craft them into a form that is succinct and well-written, even arranging them just so…can take hours or even longer. It is work, but then again how can one truly call something work when it is so satisfying?

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