Sleep and those “Screens”

Clearly, this information is directed at people like me, only I use a REAL computer, but that doesn’t change the effect.

Is anxiety and stress “killing” you?

This world is causing more and more people to feel greater anxiety and stress than they know how to handle. You may think its worst manifestation is in poor interpersonal reactions and maybe some heartburn. The truth is much deeper, and could explain a recent health crisis I experienced, and I am sure even these graphics depict just the tip of the iceberg.




But someone has gone to the trouble to list a few possible herbal remedies:


Everything you need to know about Lice

There are three kinds of lice that feed on humans – head (or hair) lice, body lice, and crab lice, but this article only addresses head lice. All have three forms: the egg (or nit), the nymph (an immature louse), and the adult.


A nymph looks like a smaller adult body louse (which is itself no bigger than a sesame seed, and grayish white or tan) and mature into adults about 9–12 days after hatching. To live, they must feed on blood and if a louse is separated from its host, it dies at room temperature after about 2 days.

The head louse differs from the related body louse in preferring to attach eggs to scalp hair instead of clothing. Unlike other parasites such as fleas, lice spend their entire life cycle on a host.

Finding Lice

Though very small, you can see lice with the naked eye, and More

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