Moving Moment: The Touch of the Master’s Hand / The Violinist

An oldie, but goodie. If you know and love it, get out the tissues.

Now, if you loved that, you must read this poem; it moved me to tears! I only wish there was an “I am in awe!” button. I would put it in whole, if I thought I had the right, but I am going to try “Pressing” it, because this blogger has some other seriously awesome stuff.

The Violinist

Singing Horses – you pick the harmony

Singing Horses

Singing horses (Link updated 4/16/16)

Want to hear some old-fashioned doo-wop type of harmony? Go check this out. This is an old link that I am delighted to say that still works after all these years! I tried to embed it, but I just can’t do it that way, so this is a screen shot.

I even downloaded it and tried to put it in the blog post so that I don’t have to go through “lost and found” again, but the “swf” format is not supported by WordPress. Oh well.

One Lovely Blog – thank you!

OK, while I still have time today, I want to thank Organized Living Essentials ( for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award! I am surprised and pleased at the recognition and I feel rather badly about taking so long to respond, but a recent post explains a bit of my “shoemaker’s elves” disappearance immediately after she gave it. I enjoy her blog so much and was one of the first ones I “followed,” especially since, as a homeschooling family, organization is something towards which I constantly aspire. I also could really relate to one particular part of her  “About”:

I have so enjoyed reading and learning from all of the other blogs… I have a lot of interests and passions including writing, researching, green living, creativity, digital technology, photography and most of all organizing. Through my pursuits I have learned a lot of lessons about all of these interests. It is now a natural progression to move onto sharing what I have learned by creating this blog. The time is now and the fit is right.

Anyhow, the rules are:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, include a link to their blog,
  • Post the award image on your site
  • Select several blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and nominate those bloggers for the same award.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Well, I realized that I am still so new to serious blogging that I hadn’t had an opportunity to “meet” many other blogs (don’t let migrated posts from my old Blogspot blog fool you, I wasn’t doing much until I switched), so recently I have been happily rediscovering my usual follows and discovering others and am sharing a broad selection, combining my blog nominations with telling 7 things about myself:

  1. Bird Light Wind – I like photography blogs and I like birds and this combines both, and I learn so much here.
    • I love taking pictures, but although I have an old 35 mm, it seems I never did take the kind of pictures I saw others do. I just don’t seem to have the knack, 😦  so perhaps I need to find the $$ for a digital 35 mm so I can save time and frustration.
  2. C’est la Vie – Another photography blog, but this one is special to me because the blogger (Wan-Ting) lives in Singapore. She takes breathtaking pictures in just about every place in the region except Singapore (even though it’s beautiful and picturesque) because one rarely sees the uncommon beauty in one’s own hometown and it’s common to her. I understand.
    • I lived in Singapore for a time and adored it. It was clean, organized, safe, well-educated, the food was great…it just didn’t have much to do for someone who was not working (it is not a leisure society). However, eating, shopping and photography are excellent and fairly affordable past-times there.
  3. khamneithang –  Khamneithang was born in Manipur, a state of India (on the map it iIndia Geographical Maps on the far right, bordering Myanmar (Burma). He is a Christian who lives out his daily faith with great courage and strength. In one portion of his “About Me” he writes:
    “…I have seen different shades of life, at times bringing me to tears with joy and happiness; and at times bringing me so much pain that I wish I could pierce my heart with a pointed arrow, at least to touch and feel it in the hope that something could be done to it. But in both cases, it has always brought me to my knees before God.Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you…Finally, life is too short for wallowing in self-pity…”

    • I lived in northern India for a few years finishing high school (look just below the “M” in “Himalayas” and you will see Uttarakand, which used to be part of Uttar Pradesh – I was there). There’s a backstory there which I am not going to attempt, here. I am also an unapologetic Christian and I have read a bit about the “faith” history of the region, particularly in a book entitled “Eternity in Their Hearts”by Don Richardson and have been awed and inspired by what I have learned.
  4. Town & Country Gardening – This blog is just chock full of gardening information – you have to see it because describing it doesn’t do it justice.
    • I am an avid gardener. My husband prefers flowers and ornamental additions and changes to the yard, but if I had my way (and I didn’t have black walnut trees) I would make most of it a vegetable garden. Sooo, we compromise and I try to make as many flowers as possible edible or useful. ;-).
  5. Cristian Mihai – I just started following Cristian, who is a Romanian blogger who writes about writing (as in publishing/self publishing). Good information. So why…? (yeah, I know, I overuse the ellipse…)
    • BTW, after years of research I am writing the definitive book on gardening near and under black walnut trees and am in the final edit (the indices, oh the indices!). Kick me in the rear occasionally to keep me moving – this is the hardest part. I’d much rather find someone else to do that and focus on the marketing part (fun! fun!).
  6. On the Cocoa Trail – Attention all chocolate freaks! Want to learn about the process from bean to bar? In part of “About Me” she writes: “I’m off to Peru to learn about chocolate in the country where it was first refined by the Incas. You will be able to learn how I get on there by reading this blog.” Check this out!
    • I am endlessly curious about everything, which makes my husband a bit crazy (Rough translation from American Sign Language: “There goes Mom talking to people again!”), but it serves me well as an interpreter for the deaf.
  7. Eagle-eyed Editor – Another writing blog, but this is broader in scope and eminently practical and interesting. She was even “Fresh Pressed!”
    • As I write, I am always striving to improve, no matter if it is only writing/talking to myself. I have to say, though, I have learned more about writing from teaching it to my kids than I ever did in school.

Humorous videos moment: 50 Jokes in 4 minutes

…and if you are a geek you will understand nearly all of them. Oh, and don’t show this to your kids unless you have watched this first as some are not what you want kids retelling (sorry, I don’t get to pick the jokes).

Oh, alright, here are some more, but remember, you wanted them so don’t blame me (and the same above caveat applies)

And for those who love nerdy/geek jokes and don’t know where to find them (forewarned, some are a bit salacious, but that’s nerds for you)

Oh, and sorry about the other YouTube junk that shows up at the end of the videos (I wish it was avoidable…). I suppose I could download them, trim and re-upload them to WordPress, but this is a free account and I believe there are storage limits.

Back to unpacking – it was a nice extended weekend vacation in a place where there is no cell coverage or internet – I should probably  do that more often.

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