Why we keep a landline

  1. I have never had my cordless phone fall out of my pocket or purse.
  2. I have never dropped our land line-based cordless phone (or the corded one) into the sink–or the toilet, a snow drift, onto the road, or under a car seat.
  3. If someone takes a mobile phone (or we lose it), we can always use our land-line to make all the appropriate calls.
  4. We have never left our land-line cordless phone someplace else where we couldn’t easily find it by looking for, or paging, it.
  5. We can call anyone in the US and Canada for free (haven’t checked on the other places, but I don’t call outside of the places listed), and they don’t have to use our carrier!
  6. My long-lost friends from high school, college, and other place, can actually find me readily by looking me up.
  7. It’s easy to block numbers/callers.
  8. Although our kids are now older, if someone wants to call them, they call ONE NUMBER, the house, and we KNOW who our kids are talking to.
  9. If we ever needed someone to watch the kids when they were much younger we could call the HOUSE and…
    1. not need each number of every possible person who might be a sitter
    2. not worry that the sitter’s phone might be off, on vibrate, out of battery, out of minutes, misplaced, in their car, or they are on it.
    3. if, for some awful reason, something should happen to the sitter (sick, seizure, etc) the kids would know where OUR phone was and could easily call for help.
  10. Cell scanners don’t work on landlines – my conversations are safe from stalkers; only the government and police can listen in on that, and only by extreme measures and, with the proliferation of mobile phones, most people pretty much disregard land lines (it’s called flying below the radar).
  11. If, for some weird reason, we didn’t want further privacy, we could use the old-fashioned corded phone – the number doesn’t transfer to display on Redial on the cordless phone.
  12. WHEN the power has gone out for various reasons in the past, we ALWAYS have a working phone. We have had neighbors ask to use our phone because they couldn’t charge theirs without electricity, it was charging in the car, or they couldn’t find the charger, or something was up the cell towers (wind storms, etc).
  13. Our monthly bill has never exceeded $80, and we have 2 lines!
  14. I can send and receive both digital and printed faxes at my home/business without having to be there, and I can schedule them to be sent at a time when it is convenient and I don’t have to be there.
  15. We have an ANSWERING MACHINE (in addition to voice mail) and we can actively screen our calls. If an unknown number shows up, we wait and listen because sometimes it’s a new person from an organization or group, and then we can pick up right away instead of the hassle of having to call Voice Mail to find out, then call back.

Kickin’ it old school!


Did I miss anything?


FYI – Smartphone pictures and privacy risks

I am sure this is old news for many, but for those who don’t know about this issue, watch this video and take appropriate steps. You know, people can laugh at my Tracfone, but this is not even a potential problem for me, and no one is scheming to steal it (and yes, there are even monthly plans for those who want them).

Everything old IS new again – in PHONES!

Today I saw a traditional-looking handset that plugs into a mobile phone to “make talking more comfortable.” Don’t believe me? Go to www.ThinkGeek.com and look for “retro phone handset.”

Ha! I knew it would come around again. It was only a matter of time because scrunching little flat cell phones between your neck and shoulders is NOT comfortable and will eventually hurt you (among other issues).

Back in the late 80’s, waaaaay before the little cell phones became all the rage, I told those design majors at RIT that this would be a problem – they did not believe me and kept saying how cool it looked and they did not see how this would be a problem. Ah, how foolish and short-sighted we are when we are young – such hubris.

[BTW, these are the same kids who, when assigned to design foam core models of homes that would be suitable for a retirement community, all had models with sunken living rooms, spiral staircases, bi-level living rooms and the like. But the worst part was that the professor gave them “A’s” – for what?!? Quality of work? Certainly not for appropriate design.]

Vindicated! Everything old is new again! RETRO RULES!

In honor of this observation I have posted the video “Everything Old is New Again.” Have fun listening.

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