Best COVID-19 Parody Video – Ever!

An extraordinarily gifted friend of mine posted this fantastic parody video – Stay At Home / Let It Go. Enjoy!

“Tell It Like It Is” by Ralph Carmichael & Kurt Kaiser

I got a musical bug in my ear and searched all over the internet for the lyrics to any of the songs in the musical “Tell It Like It Is” by Ralph Carmichael and  Kurt Kaiser with NO success. Weird. In fact, I finally sought and bought the vinyl (with lyric sheet) from England (I am in the US) just to be able to hear the songs and see the lyrics. So, folks, here they are – the ONLY place you can currently read them on the ENTIRE INTERNET!

I scanned the lyric sheet and saved it as an image file because I don’t have time to type them up. I realize they aren’t as easy to read this way, but if anyone cares to do that little job and sent me the text, I will post it and credit you. Someone finally uploaded it to Youtube a few months , so  that is at the bottom.


Geeking out to science music videos!

Arrgghh! Enough politics!

Time to lighten up and have fun with SCIENCE (music videos)! Not boring ones, either.

You don’t even have to pretend to understand, but maybe they’ll impress your friends.

At the very least they will wobble your brain nicely.

So what is your field of battle?

But what are facts if you don’t have love?

Sigh…talk nerdy to me!

Then there’s this…this…whatever. I don’t understand all he’s talking/singing about, but he does it so beautifully! (Maybe he is ze Frenchman?)

Have I blinded you with science?

(Lyrics follow for those who simply MUST know what he is saying – like me)

It’s poetry in motion, she turned her tender eyes to me,
as deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony.
Mm, but she blinded me with science,                   “She blinded me with science!”
and failed me in biology.

When I’m dancing close to her,                               “Blinding me with science, science!”
I can smell the chemicals.                                         “Blinding me with science, science!”
                                                                    “Science!”                          “Science!”

Mm, but it’s poetry in motion, and when she turned her eyes to me,
as deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony.
she blinded me with science,                                   “She blinded me with science!”
and failed me in geometry.

When she’s dancing next to me,                             “Blinding me with science, science!”
I can hear machinery!                                                “Blinding me with science, science!”

It’s poetry in motion! And now she’s making love to me.
The spheres are in commotion; the elements in harmony.
She blinded me with science,                                   “She blinded me with science!”
and hit me with technology.                                     “Good heavens Miss Sakamoto,
.                                                                               you’re beautiful!”

I…I don’t believe it! There she goes again!
She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!
All my tubes and wires, and careful notes, and antiquated notions.

But! It’s poetry in motion, and when she turned her eyes to me –
as deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony
Uh, she blinded me with science,                             “She blinded me with, with science!”
She blinded me with…




But I can’t resist one last song for all those who have ever wondered “What IS love?”


Micah Tyler – “You’ve Got to Love Millenials”

This video just got put up and if it doesn’t go viral I will be astonished! It is sung to the melody of “Obla dee obla dah.” Have fun! If there is any problem with watching it, just go to YouTube and search by title.


Music video (rockin’!) – “Uptown Passover”

For those of you who don’t know or pay much attention, Passover is this weekend. As an interpreter, I find myself doing many things , and I have done a Pesach seder (a memorial dinner, if you will, but actually the full version of what the Christians call the Lord’s Supper) or two.

Now Judaism is not generally known for its religious music (even Dr. Laura Schlesinger once said that if you want some really good music, go to the Baptists), but they do know good music when they hear it, and they excel at humor, so here is a wonderfully entertaining parody of “Uptown Funk” by the Jewish a capella group Six13. Some of you will know what they are talking about, but the rest of you will just enjoy the music and start to get an idea of what a Passover Seder (sort of) looks like.

You can’t really tell from the video, but a Seder is long, they read the account of how God brought them out of Egypt, read the Hagadah (the ritual ritual script that guides the whole event), there are some things for the children to do, they wash their hands, drink (and spill) wine, and (finally!) you eat.

BTW, will someone please tell me why you don’t salt the matzoh? Oil and salt are kosher, you know (butter is not the same thing). Or is that just part of the “suffering” paradigm? One night I can understand, but the whole time?

Singing Saturday – Guilty with the Newsboys

Think one person (uh, like you) couldn’t make a difference? Watch and smile.

You know, if more schools had something fun and exciting in the morning, like some singing and party dancing (a la “cupid shuffle”) imagine how many kids would actually look forward to going to school and what a nice way it would be to set the tone for the day. Of course, letting a charismatic individual like Gary Logan have their way and not “institutionalize” it into some boring, structured thing is what makes it work.

Watch this priest stun the bride and groom with rendition of “Hallelujah”

I stumbled onto this and was so moved! When I heard it begin I got goosebumps all over and then I was hunting for a tissue.

Video: Welcoming the Sabbath in a beautiful way

Musician gets THIS tiger by the tail!

Let’s be lighthearted and listen to a fun melody in a unique music video – bet you’ve never heard one of these instruments before! Ladies and gentlemen, I  bring you “The Tiger Rag!”

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