“I signed up to die”

If you call yourself an American Christian, understand this: it’s not supposed to be a pass to an easy life, in fact your life will NOT become “better” and if you are doing it right you will have people hating you, lying about you and you will likely experience MORE problems, but you won’t be alone, and you know where you are going after this brief sojourn. If you truly understand the message about the One Way, Keith Green’s question to us is still valid: “How can you be so numb, not to care if they come? You close your eyes and pretend the job’s done!” Here’s a message in a rap by a sold-out believer about sold-out believers. I am convicted. What about you?

(Below the video are the lyrics)

Lyrics to Signed Up To Die :

[Verse 1]
They pulled that boy up out the shed,
   now he walkin’ down the road
Beatin’ gettin’ more intense
   every other step he go.
They whipped him, punched him, kicked him, slapped him,
   ripped that boy up out his clothes
A couple punches to the face,
   second one broke his nose
They laughin’ at him,
   they spittin’ at him
They kickin’ at him,
   dog barkin’ at him
He thinkin’ to his self,
   “How could this happen?”
He black out for a minute,
   they throw water at him
A week ago he was sittin’ up playin’ with his kids
Wife and family all around
   in the comfort of his crib.
Birthday party passing gifts
Last thing that he remember:
    packing for a mission trip.
“Now it’s about to go down.”
That’s what he was thinkin’ as he sit there knelt to the ground
His killa walked up on him rollin’
   and looked him in the eye,
He said “Aren’t you gonna beg?”
   He said “NO!”

“I signed up to die!
Death don’t have a hold on me
So death don’t put no fear in me
I don’t think that you hearin’ me…
I signed up to die!

When I lay down on that bed
I’m gon’ open up my eyes
And my Lord gon’ be there!
I signed up to die!
Death don’t have a hold on me,
So death don’t put no fear in me,
I don’t think that you hearin’ me,
I signed up to die (die)… die (die)… die (die)… die …
I signed up to die!”

[Verse 2]
She was only twelve when she heard about the name of Christ
Saw the beauty of his love,

   instantly it changed her life
Secret meetings in the late night
Pulled her out the dark,
   now she ‘bout to go and be a light.
She don’t know nothin’ about no Bible teachers
‘Cause where she from there ain’t no Bible teachin’.
Matter of fact it is forbidden.
But she done found a treasure that she couldn’t keep hidden.
Now she standin’ in a circle,
A hundred people yellin’ out,
   “Convert or we gon’ hurt you.”
I know she had to be scared,
But she thought about that preacher and the words that he said.
He told ‘em all about Stephen
How he was ‘bout to die, he looked up and saw Jesus…
And her killer walked up on her, he looked her in the eye
He said “are you gon’ convert?” She said “NO!”

[Verse 3]
He picked his family up and he moved ‘em to the inner city
Not to get a job,

   but to go and be a missionary.
His family told him “Boy, you insane.
You gon’ get yourself killed,
   ‘get a bullet to the brain!”
But he still went to do the work
He still went to plant a church
‘Cause God gave him a vision
And he gon’ use that vision to help go rebuild the city
But now he starin’ down the barrel
They tossin’ up his office,
   yellin’ and they cursin’ at him
You think that he would be scared
But he thought about the Bible
    and the words Jesus said,
And now he prayin’ for the killers
Like, “Even if they kill me, Lord, bring these boys to repentance”
Then his killer walked up on him, he looked him in the eye
He said “aren’t you even scared?” He said “NO!”

Educational malpractice in Western New York

I smell a ratI have a friend who, until relatively recently, used to teach Special Ed in a Western New York school district (not Rochester, but in an outlying district).

One of the things that appalled and horrified my friend was that on most (3/4?) of the Fridays the 9th-12th grade Special Ed students would, all in one room, watch violent, non-academic movies (many brought from the homes of the staff!) from 11 am to the end of the school day!

You might think that adults were absent, but in truth in the audience there were teachers, assistants, aides and academic coaches. My friend estimates it was about 10% of the students’ learning time for the week. In fact, in the last 3 days of any week before major school breaks it was, and still is, common practice to abandon any effort to teach the Special Ed students and just show junk movies.

There was no effort by the staff to hide this practice, and since this happened so consistently and for such long periods of time, it is hard to believe that the administration was unaware of this; certainly they looked the other way!

Isn’t there any parent or other responsible adult out there who is as outraged as I am? This is yet ANOTHER reason why we homeschool, but not all parents have that choice, and the children, their families and our society pay the price.

So just how do they spend our taxes?

This is a poster I am tempted to buy, but I am a self-employed contractor so I don’t have a wall on which to post it publicly so for now I will have to just stick with my copy here, but if you click on it you can read it all very clearly (a section at a time, of course):

2014 Federal Budget

Description by the site that sells it [http://www.timeplots.com/collections/all/products/death-and-taxes-poster-2014]:

“For the FY2014 budget, this poster contains over 500 departments, agencies, programs and just about everything else the government can spend money on. It is still the single most open and accessible record of government spending ever created. All in six square feet.”

Impressive research!

Thanks to Seth (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/08/mumbo-vs-jumbo.html) for the link on his blog to this.

Dangers of Disney (minor rant)

I was recently reading a blogger who commented about the negative effects of watching Disney animated movies. It just happens this is a hot button issue of mine so I have decided to bring it up. “What’s wrong with Disney movies?” most will ask, thinking I am some hyper-protective, neurotic mom. Hear me out.

I find Disney animations particularly bad for girls’ emotional and mental health. I have seen too many adult women still trying to live a Disney fantasy and it is destructive! In fact, when my daughter was young I refused to let her watch Disney animations (especially fairy tales) and even got rid of any given to us, and was highly selective of the others. There was only one way it might be permitted – we had to read the original book first (and there always is, because Disney does animation and story re-writes, NOT original work) and then I had to be there and we would talk about the world view, portrayals and assumptions.

If you read the original stories before they got “Disneyfied” (and not those cleaned up children’s books you usually see in stores and homes) you will see something our culture does it’s best to deny and avoid – reality. In the real “Three Little Pigs” the two foolish pigs died and the wise one in the brick house tricked the wolf and later ate him up when he climbed down the chimney after the pig and fell into a big pot of boiling water. “Pocahontas” is so changed it has little to do with reality (pocahontas.morenus.org), and that’s just two.

In the stories told by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, and those collected by Charles Perrault in his various “[colored] Fairy” books (blue, red, green, yellow, etc.) you will find a world of retribution, hardship (sometimes extreme), trickery and counter-trickery, unpleasant consequences due to a person’s decisions/attitudes/irresponsibility, sorrow, death, and more. Women (and men) would ignore warnings and do other stupid things and get dumped or exiled, suffer for years, lose children and family, have toads come out of their mouths, get dismembered or put to death, and so on, but there were (usually) ultimate rewards and sometimes redemption for good character and positive behavior. In short, they were lessons on the benefits of patience, kindness, faithfulness, courtesy, intelligence, resourcefulness, personal responsibility and more. Sure, there are a handful where the story lines sound sort of familiar, but most are not that way.

And so we have women (and men) with “sanitized” and “politically corrected” stories in the back of their minds who then live in denial, wonder why life isn’t “happily ever after,” becoming miserable, cynical, and maybe even embittered, or any combination of those. Oh, and how is my daughter? Seventeen, realistic, down-to-earth, happy and no stupid relationships, yet. I’d say that’s a good start.

Line Between Twilight Zone and Reality Beginning to Blur…

Twilight Zone Season 2, episode 29, called “The Obsolete Man” (we watched it on Netflix; I can’t find it safely available anywhere else) is about a futuristic society that has outlawed books and religion, and librarian Romney Wordsworth stands on trial for his life. Have you ever seen this?

At its first airing, such a mindset was accurately recognized as dangerous, but in our time our world is hurtling toward this type of society and people are passively sitting in the cultural waters, denying that the water is on its way to boiling.

When the state limits “tolerance” to certain people groups and lifestyles and demonizes the rest, and tells “religion” what to think, say and believe, and when some aren’t free, none are free and even those in the “protected” groups will ultimately not be safe. The new meaning of “tolerance” is total acceptance, and disagreement is equated with hate, but only on behalf of the “tolerated” groups, and these same people eventually turn on each other in this new Inquisition.

If this offends, perhaps the point is striking too close to home.

Monumental Movie a Monumental Success

Went to see Monumental (currently http://monumentalmovie.com/) tonight and nearly every seat was full! The movie was not what I expected, it was way more.

I came away with a more profound understanding of the Puritans/Separatists who came to establish a new nation on our shores,  and how history formed them in the face of unimaginable oppression and difficulties. I now know that the trite, superficial portrayals of these amazingly strong, courageous and profoundly (and unashamedly) committed Christians is either a product of shamefully abysmal ignorance or of willful, malicious distortion and revisionism.

This was a special 1 night live event, but to get it to a theater here to Rochester, NY (or your own town) you can go to http://www.demandthemovie.com/monumental/ and enter your request.

If you think you know American history, I can tell you that unless you are one of a handful of rare people, you are wrong. Period. Find out where it is showing, request it until it is, then see it and I guarantee that it will open your eyes, unless your mind is so closed that you have chosen blindness over truth.

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