Best COVID-19 Parody Video – Ever!

An extraordinarily gifted friend of mine posted this fantastic parody video – Stay At Home / Let It Go. Enjoy!

Ramble #3 – another day in the life of…

**I’m not used to writing in such a personal and candid way, but maybe it will be diverting to someone.**

Well, college is “back” and I took my first online mid-term exam this morning. I was actually more anxious about how that would work, as in:

  • Am I signed up with everything?
  • Are my audio and video permissions on?
  • Are all of my contact methods correct and current? Which will they use?
  • And just exactly how are we going to be tested on ARABIC? (Yeah, Arabic. I lived in the Middle East long ago and decided to brush up on my basic skills so I could maybe practice a little on the folks who run some stores I go into.)

Yeah, that last point (the test) was a worry – few are comfortable with unknowns.  But I’m taking this course because I want to. I don’t need foreign language credit (should I decide to actually go back to school for another degree) so this’ll have no GPA effect, not that that was a concern.

Anyhow, turns out, the test went well and I had studied the right things, so I think I know what to expect next time. Whew!

However, the Arabic print was TINY (it was the prof’s first time doing this, too, so I expect a larger font next time.) I just did “Ctrl +” until it was large enough to see clearly.

Each person in the family has been handling this differently. Just FYI, we live in NY State. Uh huh. Yeah. But NOT in NYC or anywhere near it! It doesn’t seem to be as bad as the breathless media make it out to be.

Our daughter’s trying to mentally readjust to not working. She’s been cleaning her room and organizing. She also goes to different parks for walks every day or two. She has a friend (also “at liberty”) who’s now calling her “my dog” because she’ll text and say “Wanna go for a walk at (pick a…) Park?” She’s also getting more sleep and we’re seeing more of her!

Our son still works (and does college remotely – for 2 years, now) at the local airport. They just arrive early, clock in, wait in their cars for cargo planes to arrive (important shipping happens, you know), put on their usual gloves and gear, go to the planes, push and pull the big containers out and then in, then they clean up, log out and go home. It looks a little like this (from about 1:09 – 2:30):

My husband was part of a lay off from a medical device manufacturer, but is going back to work for a local, larger, competitor (no non-compete issues after the time off) next week.

I’ve my own plans to look into, but not until after April 1 when, God willing, things should become a little more predictable. In the meantime I’m doing a bit of tidying up, and getting my cooking practice back into shape. Most results are ranked 3-5 stars, most 4 stars; decent cookbooks help.

I should go walking and get out in the garden, but have been studying, updating computers, doing paperwork…. I also try to limit my TV and FB exposure. I find sites that present the facts and essential updates, but have REFUSED  to become “deer in the headlights” obsessed with this. I hate soap operas, and far too many people who seem to feed off that kind of drama seem to be “living the life.” No, thank you! I got tired of it quickly.


  • I will NOT go “political” and attack and groups or sides. I might personally be annoyed at some individuals, if it seems the greater good is less important than their agenda or axe they are grinding, but I doubt I’ll bring it up. I’ve HAD IT up to my back teeth with such hysteria. It accomplishes nothing good, and makes me very cross. I’ve “hidden” certain posts shared on my page because they were pointless, mean-spirited, or the workings of disordered minds.
  • Speaking of that last bit, NO conspiracy theories here! I don’t need no tin foil hat. Truth itself is often so strange (it’s no one’s business how I know) that there’s no need to make up or buy loony stuff.
  • I will try to share just life, facts, trivia and the mundane challenges of my life, similar to what so many of us are facing.
  • I will try to share things that remind us that there’s life still happening beyond this, for if all you do is look down, you’ll certainly only see trash and dirty worn-out shoes, and miss the sun, moon, stars, trees, animals, flowers, beauty, and pleasing sounds and smells that are there to appreciate, if we’re just willing.
  • I will try to always share knowing that eventually this, too, will pass, and then we’ll need to handle wherever the waves tossed to us, and we’ll need the useful and helpful.

I’m going back to Duolingo and Youtube for more language practice, then email the prof about how to submit my homework.

The sun is peeping through the clouds now and again and I may go take pictures of the flowers. I also went to the park a few days ago and have some pictures to share another time. Later, folks.

Be sane.

Be wise.

Be well.

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