Ramble #2

Here’s some Sunday morning singing. At least here in Rochester, NY the sun is shining (imagine a shocked emoji). So if it isn’t where you are, I am sending some to you.

By the way, if you have trouble playing the videos, turn off your ad blocker for this post/page. I was having the same problem! I don’t think WordPress is putting very many ads on my blog, anyway, as I don’t see any now.

Let’s begin with our Ladies Choir singing Down to the River.


Next, our “soloist” with presents Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies).


Then, our mixed choir with In Christ Alone.


And finally, a little contemporary encouragement: You Will Be Found” from “Dear Evan Hansen”

When you are in turmoil…

Life is full of turmoil (and all the people shouted “Well, duh!”). For some it is more difficult than others, but here’s a big, obvious news flash: EVERYBODY suffers! NOBODY is immune to pain, sorrow and trouble, even the wealthy, so let this excellent music video encourage everyone.

God, who chose the children of Israel, and then offered salvation to us all, is a personal being. He can be known (to the extent that humans are able), and actually loves us and cares about puny people, as evidenced by Him choosing to live as one, then dying for us so we can become His children if we will just accept the gift. He will be there to help us through the troubles of this broken world. We don’t have to go it alone. I speak from experience.


Moonlight Serenade

(My son wrote this)
What a night…what a glistening, glittery night…
Oh you snow-white jewel of radiance that looks down on the earth
with a stare that covers the ground,
with a soft focused ray of pixie dust that surely transforms the clouds to cotton candy
as it passes through them.
You reflect the sun as my life should in the dark.
In a world that is bleak, I don’t dare hide my spark.
Conjure up stories for my mind to play out.
Tickle my senses like
daisies around,
rolling feathers,
the cottonwood trees,
the scent of these petals…
I’m brought to my knees!
A lone light in the sky for the world to all see,
you’re just a pinch of the magic and heavenly majesty…
– Josiah Lloyd, 6/19/16










“I went to a strip club”

I saw this blog post and was moved. The problem with re-blogging is that readers sometimes only get a link, as in this case. But here is how it begins:

“A while back I was asked by a group of pastor’s wives to go with them to strip clubs.

That sentence alone sounds strange. But hang with me.

At first I was a little hesitant. And not for reasons you might think.

I love people. Especially ones who are broken; it’s part of my calling. But, given what I’ve walked through, I know how fragile broken people can be.

And I know how insensitive the church can be.

And I was uneasy.

But, these weren’t just any pastors wives.” continue reading…

Older ladies, let’s smile, laugh and be happy!

It’s happy video time (just 3, this time)!

Guys, you can appreciate these too, but sometimes ladies get pretty down on themselves, and aging in our culture can be a big downer for us. Yet, in this far-too-often stressful, tragic, unhappy, negative world, we often forget that pain is inevitable, but misery is OPTIONAL. Call me Proudly Pollyanna!

So, knowing that a little encouragement goes a long way to helping us turn things around, if you’ve feeling a bit down (or a lot), watch these and laugh and sing along or dance and get some of that exercise that we all know we need but don’t get enough of.

(There’s a 24 hour version of this in 1 hour increments if you want to try dancing that long! Here’s the link to the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIqO1DPOkR0&list=PLp9XTIHDvWR_sIC6TpWd_igY8xH86C2H5)

Oh, and if you want some funny (not mean) stuff about Moms, Dads and family watch Anita Renfroe and Tim Hawkins. Enjoy!

It’s time to reconnect…

This man makes an excellent point. Watch and then go out – with your phone off.


Watch this priest stun the bride and groom with rendition of “Hallelujah”

I stumbled onto this and was so moved! When I heard it begin I got goosebumps all over and then I was hunting for a tissue.

Choosing to end well

Too many people use their upbringing, background and experiences as an excuse to…you name it. This young blogger has an excellent perspective on that. No more excuses.

background2 The greatest king in the world started out by being a mere shepherd boy.

The bravest queen in the world was an orphan girl.

The most influential evangelizers in history were simple fishermen.

The savior that came down from heaven was born in a barn full of farm animals.

What about you?

How does your story begin?

Some of the most influential men and women in history were not born into prestige but in poverty.

We know their names not because of where they were born but because of how they lived.

Because what matters in the end is never how you start, but how you finish.

We don’t get to choose where our how our story starts but it is up to us to determine how it will end.

Whether when we are lying on our death bed reflecting on our lives we can be proud of the person…

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“Trust helps you move quickly. It increases your speed. When it’s absent, you can see it – more checks, controls, and processes. That’s bureaucracy.” Randall Stephenson

Today is the Best Day of Our Lives

Beauty cannot hide

“One of the first things I did is,
I asked the leaders, How do you think you’re performing versus the competition?
The first thing you want leaders to do is recognise the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
A lot of them make excuses, but literally, and I’m really not kidding,
our margins were half of our competition’s.
I wanted people to acknowledge that our performance was terrible.
And then, when you dug deeper, it was terrible by branch,
it was terrible in expenses, it was terrible by product.
It was terrible on all these different levels.
To me, the first thing was just acknowledging that.”
– Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase,
defining reality when he first joined the company after being Head of Bank One


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“Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it.” Manas Disoriya

Today is the Best Day of Our Lives


“You can’t truthfully explain your smallest action without fully revealing your character.”
– Mignon McLaughlin

「 輕描淡寫我們最微不足道的行為時,
我們還是無法避免在那過程中揭露我們的真性情 (真面目)。 」

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