Desperate Deflection?

I have long pondered, in astonishment and exasperation, the apparently inexplicable and irrational conduct which a portion of our elected representatives have DEvolved into.  Yet, in spite of the prevailing confusion, contention, and obfuscation, clarity has looked past the raging, swirling, all-consuming insanity to ask…


It’s an obvious question, for there’s a parallel between many of the current shenanigans and those of successful pickpockets and con artists. It should’ve been asked and pursued years ago, but better now than never. Americans are owed answers after all they’ve been put through.

More to the point, what mouldering skeletons do the major media, Pelosi, and her hungry, yapping hounds of Hell want so fiercely to keep from being sniffed out and unearthed from their own murky back yards?

This post will not speculate on what unholy secrets there may be that the pack appears to be so terrified might be uncovered, even to the point of obsessively and relentlessly howling for another’s destruction in a desperate act of deflection.

Do they mindlessly obey Alpha leader, or do many quake in furtive fear that other members might turn upon any deemed wavering or “unfaithful”? Is there any humanity left among these ravening wolves?

It is hoped that they are aware of the implied consequences of forgetting Jesus’ words to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and reconsider their actions. They’d do even better to heed Hosea’s warning: “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…” Or perhaps they can only grasp the more overtly ominous significance of a contemporary phrase:

Such uncivilized, degenerate behavior is so unprecedented in recent memory, inexplicable, and out of proportion, that it can only be perceived as desperate, or even (dare it be suggested?) demonically inspired. It’s certainly not actions derived from patriotic love of country, or even of honest people of goodwill pursuing the well-being of citizens and a peaceful, bright future for the Nation.

Before the President was elected, the call to “Drain the Swamp!” motivated many voters. It had apparently been dismissed as cute and insignificant, for the unexpected election outcome for certain self-styled know-it-alls and self-important talking heads led to a very public and shameful melt-down. That rapidly degenerated into seething humiliated rage, subsequently employed to goad Swamp denizens to greater heights of rage.

What seems to have been forgotten or unanticipated by the electorate is that when swamps are drained, things get ugly, both before and after. One nearly always finds evidence of formerly hidden crimes, dead bodies, and angry alligators facing possible starvation (whose attacks involve dragging their prey into the muck).

Any good soldier knows, but fed up voters didn’t fully take into account, is that “when you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that the original intent was to drain the swamp.”

So know your adversary, remember your original intent, and watch your ass.

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  1. stomson2001
    Dec 19, 2019 @ 07:39:25

    Well said. I believe they are guilty of projection. They are blaming the administration for what they are doing. By the grace of God, many people are picking up on it.


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