France: Algerian Muslim Immigrant Chops-off His Wife’s Hands and Feet With a Machete in Front of Their Two Children

And the father was…Hindu? No, no, must have been Buddhist. No, wait, wrong again, a Christian, right? It is, after all, such a violent religion, and you hear about their world-wide violence all the time, right. What? A Muslim?!? But it’s the “religion of peace” and you NEVER hear about that kind of violence among them, right?

sharia unveiled

Algerian Flag 1

Islam’s War on Women Continues…

by, Par Aurélie Foulon | Le Parisien | Eeyore @ Vlad Tepes | Original Translation by, CB Sashenka

(Special thanks to our friend and colleague Eeyore and to CB Sashenka for the amazing translation)

Solidarity is being organized in Evry (Essonne), after the terrible tragedy that occurred at Diderot Square, in the rather quiet residential area of Champtier-du-Coq. Since Wednesday, a fund-raising appeal has been circulating on social networks to collect enough money for the funeral of a mother. Monday morning she was killed by her husband with a machete, right before the eyes of their children.

The drama took place in an otherwise uneventful morning, in the family’s apartment. “A known family in Evry, in a good way,” assures someone from the neighborhood. The couple – parents of two older daughters of 16 and 18 and of 6-year old twins – was at home. On…

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