How early were there people on North America?

One of my passions is older/ancient/little known history and there is a lot of it that is NEVER put in school textbooks. EVER.

(Because that might cause children to actually think and question the current public school paradigm, and we can’t have that now, can we?  *DEEP breath…!*  R..e..i..g..n..i..n..g back in the sarcasm…)

Anyway, I collect books written a long time ago (as old as I can get and afford) that tell history. Not necessarily TEXTbooks, because that changes the way they are written, but REAL books, and boy, do I have a lot of stuff on the subject.

Thanks to, I have encountered some very interesting ideas and blogs about history (and science), not necessarily directly, but by following information/links in the comments, and then links from within THOSE sources.


Led to:

Why am I saying this? Because I found a fascinating blogger, but he uses Blogger/Blogspot, which makes it MUCH harder to find him and for him to get his ideas showcased. I surmise that he must not be very experienced with the power of “pages,” categories and tags, because he has 6 blogs (on aspects of his particular topic) which could be more effectively managed – or maybe Blogger it too limited? I have begged him to migrate his pages to WordPress and combine them, but for now I can try to share a little bit about his field of expertise.

Essentially, did you know the depth of the evidence for Viking colonization/habitation in North America? Go back to about 800 AD to the Greenland farming colonies and go forward with an inquiring and open mind. There are even structures in our country that “experts” can’t figure out that might even have a connection. Like this:

Perched atop a hill in Newport, Rhode Island, an old stone tower stands as one of this country’s longest enduring architectural enigmas. Known by many names, including the Viking Tower, Old Stone Mill, and Mystery Tower, today this landmark is more commonly known as the Newport Tower.

One of his blogs focuses on the Lenape and what he believes to be their migration down into America.

Who are they? According to,

The Lenape descended from Norse Vikings. Their name means “Abide with the pure” because Christ’s ethics came from them in Greenland about 1000. Then for three and a half centuries they were relatively isolated in Greenland. Roman Catholic Bishops came about a century after Christ’s ethics.

When the little Ice Age came, the Lenape walked on the ice from Greenland to America. That walk was the beginning of a 4.000 mile, 150 year migration of several thousands of Lenape from James Bay, Canada to the Nelson River, up the Red River of Minnesota, south to the Missouri River, east across the Mississippi River, up the Ohio River, across the Alleghenis to New Jersey. Then they spread 1200 miles along the Atlantic coast from northern New York to the Carolinas.

The Lenape spawned about 25 tribes. The better known tribes are the Blackfeet, the Arapahoe, the Cheyenne, the Miami, the Shawnee, and the Delaware. The Lenape language is the source of most “Algonquin” Indian languages.

The Lenape fed the people of Jamestown. They dealt with the Dutch. They intermarried with the Finn Landers. They gave the Quakers a place to live, when the Puritans were hanging Mary Dwyer and other Quakers. Their chiefs gave a good-bye speech to the assembly of New Jersey, thanking New Jersey for honoring all the treaties made between the Lenape and the state of New Jersey.

The Lenape taught the Iroquois how to meet in council. They lived in the “land of the free and home of the brave”. The Lenape had a history memory system, the Maalan Aarum, which covered 455 years. The r stopped when the English invaded.

He has even provided a map of route of their Migration

He mentions a rare movie about the topic which is still on YouTube.

I could go into great detail, but Myron has already done so. Here he is.


(Myron’s) blogs

(I am adding dates to them so you can see when he last posted on each. See why I want him to consolidate?)

Blogs (he) follow(s)

About (him)

Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation America Pre-History Authority
Location Martinez, California, United States
Interests Pre-History, Lenape Migration, Vikings in North America, Vikings in Minnesota, Norman Knight settlement of Alabama, Ancient Explorers before the European Invasion.
Favorite Books The Viking and the Red Man, Farfarers, Westviking, Indians of the Eastern Woodlans, Delawares, Maalan Aarum

* * * * * *


By the way, in spite of some of this guy’s posts, I am just chasing information and have NO ax to grind on behalf of ANY group (there’s NO such  things as “races;” WE ARE ALL ONE BLOOD). I have NO interest in denigrating Columbus’ place in history or the Vikings’, either (just putting it in perspective in the history of global migration of people), or making any changes in the calendar, re-naming places, making new laws, digging up and rekindling ancient strife/hatreds or any of that.

The fact is, people move and migrate. Period. Always have and always will, whatever the reason and however well or badly they behaved when they encountered others.

There is no such thing as the fanciful myth of the “Noble Savage (popular in our universities currently, but in a different, more ‘politically correct’ disguise, and as a way to engender hatred against those of European extraction). Those who arrived first merely had no one with whom to have conflict, not that they didn’t treat each other badly or even others who came later. Conflict is ugly, but it is (sadly) inevitable because we are broken, sinful humans; just do any amount of in-depth research on utopian societies.

Some who came later behaved better than others, but if you are pro-native or anti-european-immigrant, disabuse yourself of the notion that somehow everything would have been wonderful if everyone had just “stayed where they were.” Wow, talk about being judgmental.

Think about it. Then we would all be crowded into a region spreading out from modern Turkey where we REALLY began (this is my blog and I’m not discussing that here, so deal with it), living in some type of nasty hyper-urban environment and spreading out through the regions only when we needed more housing/agricultural land. Just marinate in that scenario of multiple millennia of such a social environment and think of the implications, and you will realize the stupidity of even imagining such a thing being possible.

OK, lecture part done.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pamela Taylor
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 08:18:02

    Was just watching (flipping back and forth from, actually) a PBS presentation that posited that the ancient Carthaginians may have migrated to or colonized the Amazon/Brazil area. So many new archeological studies show not everyone entered the “New World” via Beringia. I especially like your point that everyone migrates. Unless you sprang fully formed from the soil (which I suppose some believe, but that doesn’t make it true!), you or your people have migrated sometime.


    • Lloyd's of Rochester
      Apr 03, 2014 @ 11:49:10

      Hello Pam! Good to see you at my blog! I think I saw the same show. So true. People have migrated at more times, in more ways, and from more places than we’ll ever know while on earth. The absurd assumption by historians/archeologists/natives that people groups somehow just happened to have ALWAYS been where their artifacts are found, leads to anti-migration bias (“We were here first – always have been! Go away, bad guys!”).

      It’s convenient to use a simplified world view/narrative (based on limited/fragmented/confused knowledge of migration, and the loss of knowledge at the Library of Alexandria due to various fires). It also allows self-styled “intellectuals” to hold a superior, condescending view that WE are more advanced, and that our ancestors were low-intelligence, knuckle-draggers that had only recently dragged themselves out of some primordial goo, when world-wide evidence screams the contrary.

      This paradigm has significant downsides. In particular, WHEN (not IF) they find OOParts (“out of place” artifacts – the phrase reveals the bias), they’re quite literally unable to imagine any other scenarios. This leads them to come up with ludicrous ideas like aliens and “master races”; sounds so Nazi-esque…wait a minute…aren’t most of those guys German?

      A true understanding that PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS MIGRATED, we are ALL RELATIVES, and our ancestors were at least our intellectual equals, could open their minds to see things in a different light and then be able to find more realistic (but admittedly very complicated) and vastly more fascinating answers.

      The problem then arises that some always want to get angry, scream conspiracy and start verbal (or actual) wars. What needs to be done is to simply say “Isn’t this cool what we have found out? Now we know. Let’s weave this into the books and share it so everyone knows.” Honestly, there’s plenty of information that hasn’t been woven together because there’s so much of it all over the world in obscure places, authors aren’t omniscient, books (and textbooks) are already big enough, and most people just don’t want to read it all (e.g., “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” and “The Annals of the World” by Ussher, for starters), they want simplicity – that’s a problem, too.

      Professing themselves to be wise, they became foolish, and their foolish hearts were darkened, eh?


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