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These cartoons portraying typical contemporary conflicting/ illogical thought were too funny to not reblog. Although not all who call themselves transgender will do such things, too many perverts are ALREADY taking advantage of this and there are stories making the news in spite of political correctness (and there are sites linking to them), although the major media sources do their best to NOT to pick them up for national consumption. There are those who so badly want this worldview to be true that they will ignore and suppress all evidence to the contrary. There’s a phrase for this, it’s called “You’re only fooling yourself.”

… you think adult college students should be protected from hearing or seeing things they disagree with, but children using public bathrooms should not be protected from hearing or seeing things that could traumatize them.

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Animal Farm – the original 1954 movie

I read the book in junior high school, but didn’t know there was a movie. However it does make sense that there is one. Since one of the candidates in the upcoming American election is a socialist, it is worth sharing for people to watch and consider what the author was trying to say.

For those who care, the comments on the Youtube video I found explain a little about the production. I quote it here for your information.

Published on Oct 28, 2014

Animal Farm is a 1955 British animated film by Halas and Batchelor, based on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. It was the first British animated feature to be released. The C.I.A. paid for the filming, part of the U.S. cultural offensive during the Cold War, and influenced how Orwell’s ideas were to be presented.

The “financial backers” impacted on the development of the film – the altered ending, and that the message should be that, “Stalin’s regime is not only as bad as Jones’s, but worse and more cynical”, and Napoleon “not only as bad as JONES but vastly worse “. And the “investors” were greatly concerned that Snowball (the Trotsky figure) was presented too sympathetically in early script treatments and that Batchelor’s script implied Snowball was “intelligent, dynamic, courageous”. This implication could not be permitted. A memo declared that Snowball must be presented as a “fanatic intellectual whose plans if carried through would have led to disaster no less complete than under Napoleon.” de Rochemont accepted this suggestion.

In Orwell’s original book, the animals simply look on in dismay as they come to realise that the pigs have become nothing better than the human masters of old.

In a stark departure from Orwell’s book, the film ends immediately after this iconic image with the animals revolting against the pigs.

Music video (rockin’!) – “Uptown Passover”

For those of you who don’t know or pay much attention, Passover is this weekend. As an interpreter, I find myself doing many things , and I have done a Pesach seder (a memorial dinner, if you will, but actually the full version of what the Christians call the Lord’s Supper) or two.

Now Judaism is not generally known for its religious music (even Dr. Laura Schlesinger once said that if you want some really good music, go to the Baptists), but they do know good music when they hear it, and they excel at humor, so here is a wonderfully entertaining parody of “Uptown Funk” by the Jewish a capella group Six13. Some of you will know what they are talking about, but the rest of you will just enjoy the music and start to get an idea of what a Passover Seder (sort of) looks like.

You can’t really tell from the video, but a Seder is long, they read the account of how God brought them out of Egypt, read the Hagadah (the ritual ritual script that guides the whole event), there are some things for the children to do, they wash their hands, drink (and spill) wine, and (finally!) you eat.

BTW, will someone please tell me why you don’t salt the matzoh? Oil and salt are kosher, you know (butter is not the same thing). Or is that just part of the “suffering” paradigm? One night I can understand, but the whole time?

“Punch, Brothers, Punch!”

twainFor those who read widely, those words may have a familiar (even ominous?) ring. Mark Twain was a gifted writer, but this short “story,” if you will, is intended (as much great literature is) to be read aloud. It’s not long,  but it is…entertaining, and worth the unaccustomed effort of loosening up your jaws and tongue to speak someone else’ words and inhabit his tale.

But as you do, please speak “with care,”
for you may become another “passenjare.”

Source: Punch, Brothers, Punch by Mark Twain

Muslims and Jesus – Part 1. Mohammad Yamout

Muslim Mondays? It’s hard to know how to title this new…”series?” I expect it to have a  limited audience, but I want to try to help people to not fear and hate Muslims.

Yes, there’s a segment of Islam that leans toward radical (but only a segment) who have bad intentions against us and the “West” (I’m under no illusions, nor am I a mushy-brained fool living in fantasy land), but that’s not all of them. It’s so much more complex, because they are people, just like you and me.

Many Muslims are very unhappy at seeing this increasingly violent side of a religion that even they thought/were taught was a “religion of peace.” Many are frankly looking at other monotheistic religions, some out of curiosity, and some from disillusionment, and there’s a ground-swell of those who are believing in Jesus (Isa) in record numbers, in spite of the very real risk of losing everything, of persecution, and even death!

I don’t plan to do much explaining, because that accomplishes nothing. Instead, meet them through their stories and learn that way. Mohammed’s story is not dramatic, nor intense, but it’s interesting to learn how he grew up and what he’s now doing for others. He’s warm, gentle and loving, and I think that if you are willing to listen to his 44 minutes  (most others are shorter) you will gain a new perspective, and it may even challenge you.

As a Jesus Follower I see how important each one of them are to God, for He loves them too, and wants them to be with Him forever, just like every other person. I’m also one of an even smaller (but growing!) number of people who, frankly, love them, and not just because I spent years in the Middle East. May God bless this small endeavor.

Engaging With Muslims – understanding their world…

OK, I am becoming a “Johnny One Note” at this time, but so be it. In this time when Islam is, for good or ill, in the news almost daily, instead of looking at Muslims with trepidation or hatred (because we don’t understand them), here is a book that will help. A key thing to understand is that Muslims have a religious world view, and to approach them in a secular way just confirms their beliefs about westerners being infidels (but then again maybe you are one)!

For American Christians, who are arguably the dominant and most religious group here, that is good news (pardon the pun). You see, most of you tend to be rather head-shy about speaking openly about your faith – it has been part of the way our culture has been developing. Well here it is, a group of immigrants who will secretly be pleased if you do (so feel free to speak like you would around your Christian friends), even though they will disagree with you and misunderstand your faith at first.

Now, for you secular folks, you may find this book academically interesting, but more likely  “offensive.” If the latter is your case, may I politely suggest that you get over your imperialistic American attitude that your worldview and approach to people is the only right one?  If you actually care about Muslims the way you think you do, you will have to get over it, but then you will understand them better than you ever imagined. Love ya, guys, but you really can be a touchy and close-minded bunch.

A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim, Brother Rachid (CC)

I wasn’t planning to make this post, but while looking through videos about Islam I found this one by a former Muslim addressed to the President Obama. I’d like to think he might find and watch it, but unless this happens to go viral, that’s unlikely. Too bad. This man has something crucial to say, knows whereof he speaks, and lays it on the line.

I love Muslims, and not just because most are lost, under-informed, empty, and follow a frightening religion that even threatens their lives if they leave (wow, like a really bad street gang!). It moves me to see how happy they are when they find the God who truly loves them, and then they see things so CLEARLY it almost makes me jealous of their new-found joy and their passion that is so great that even the threat of death can’t make them recant.

If you think that all religions are “basically the same,” or that it’s possible to “co-exist” with Islam, the religion (and those who are still its passionate prisoners), listen to this calm, well-educated, articulate young man, and then you can go on your way.

Solar Ice Maker: No Moving Parts, No Electricity!

And interesting concept I ran across…

* * * * * *

Intended for disaster relief situations, refugee camps, and developing nations the bright minds at San Jose State University have created an ice making machine that uses the heat from sunlight to power a chemical reaction. Read the full article for the details on this very “cool” technology!

Source: Solar Ice Maker: No Moving Parts, No Electricity | greenUPGRADER

Sunday Insight – Intellectual Sunni Decides to Follow Jesus

People don’t always pick the best Youtube video titles, and this one doesn’t adequately reflect the content, but that’s a constant problem.

This young Turk did not want to become a Christian but, faced with things he didn’t understand, was intellectually honest enough to seek answers and facts, no matter how he felt. His path to faith in Jesus (Isa) was not all that unusual for a Muslim, but for those who aren’t familiar with their accounts and how it affects them, the stories are intriguing. He now has a clear goal and, if he is not martyred before then, is going to be a great leader.

Lack of knowledge engenders fear, thus people fear Islam.

Since 911 many things have changed in our knowledge of Islam. There are now people who have studied and explain what Islam teaches and, many Muslims have started to read the Quran in their own language…huh? They have haven’t been? No. Like Catholics of many generations ago (Latin-only liturgies and Biblical readings), Muslims only read/memorize the Quran in archaic Arabic (there is a reason, but not going into it here). Since then, translations have been made available in local languages and when Muslims read what it actually says, it can be…surprising, to say the least, and many are making unexpected decisions.

This is the archive of a recent live-stream event called “Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward” with Nabeel Qureshi (almost 2 hours.) This picture you see is his latest book of the same name, but this video opens with 30 minutes of his story. It’s gripping. He tells about his Muslim upbringing, how he responded to a friend’s questions and what he learned. At least listen to his first 30 minutes.

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