Why we keep a landline

  1. We have never dropped our land line-based cordless phone (or the corded one) into the sink–or the toilet.
  2. We have never left our land-line cordless phone someplace else where we couldn’t easily find it by looking for, or paging, it.
  3. We can call anyone in the US and Canada for free (haven’t checked on the other places, but I don’t call outside of the places listed), and they don’t have to use our carrier!
  4. I have never had my cordless phone fall out of my pocket or purse.
  5. If someone takes a mobile phone (or we lose it), we can always use our land-line to make all the appropriate calls.
  6. It’s easy to block numbers.
  7. My long-lost friends from high school and college can actually more readily find me by looking me up.
  8. Our monthly bill has never exceeded $80, and we have 2 land-lines!
  9. Although our kids are now older, if someone wants to call them, they call ONE NUMBER, the house, and we KNOW who our kids are talking to.
  10. If we ever needed someone to watch the kids when they were much younger we could call the HOUSE and…
    1. not need each number of every possible person who might be a sitter
    2. not worry that the sitter’s phone might be off, on vibrate, out of battery, out of minutes, misplaced, in their car, or they are on it.
    3. if, for some awful reason, something should happen to the sitter (sick, seizure, etc) the kids would know where OUR phone was and could easily call for help.
  11. If, for some weird reason, we didn’t want someone to snoop into who we call, we could use the old-fashioned corded phone – the number doesn’t display on redial on the cordless phone.
  12. If we want guaranteed security on a call from digital and cell scanners, we use the corded land-line because only the government and police can listen in on that, and only by extreme measures and, with the proliferation of mobile phones, most people pretty much disregard land lines.
  13. WHEN the power has gone out for various reasons in the past, we ALWAYS had a working phone. We have had neighbors ask to use our phone because they couldn’t charge theirs without electricity, it was charging in the car, or they couldn’t find the charger, or something was up the cell towers (wind storms, etc).
  14. We have an ANSWERING MACHINE (in addition to voice mail) and we can actively screen our calls. If an unknown number shows up, we wait and listen because sometimes it’s a new person from an organization or group, and then we can pick up right away instead of the hassle of having to call voice mail to find out, then call back.

Kickin’ it old school!


Did I miss anything?

Upheavals in Physics: The Speed of Light Exceeded

I wish this would actually display part of the article, but check this out! What a concept.


Upheavals in Physics: The Speed of Light Exceeded – Chuck Missler – Koinonia House.

Common Core – Controversy Continues

So what is all this fuss about the Common Core? Wow. Where to begin?

I live in one of the states that “voluntarily” took on Common Core. “Voluntarily?” Hardly! There is a huge groundswell against it and they want it repealed. Things are NOT better as a result and there is no consensus on positive outcomes. We are expected to just go along quietly with this crap that got ramrodded through against all parents’ wills – NOT HAPPENING.

Parents are refusing the tests, organizing opposition, putting their kids elsewhere and even deciding to homeschool, in spite of the challenges of doing that in our particular state. Homeschool co-ops and other similarly academically structured homeschool support groups are burgeoning. In fact, my particular group has nearly doubled in two years, which tells you something. Homeschooling is growing in popularity, but this is a huge jump.

There are a lot of videos about it on YouTube, but there is a documentary about it which is well worth you time to watch if this issue concerns you. BTW, the states that have rejected Common Core are Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia.

Trailer for the movie/documentary “Building the Machine”

- – – – -
The documentary “Building the Machine – The Common Core Documentary”
* Part 1 (5:58)     –   The Players
* Part 2 (12:04)  –    The Validation Committee
* Part 3 (15:51)   –    “Among the best in the world…”
* Part 4 (26:25)  –    Humans, Not Machines
* Part 5 (31:42)   –    The Lynchpin

- – – – -

Trailer for the parent interviews “We Are All the Same”

- – – – -

The parent interviews of “Building the Machine”

OK, let’s learn how to prevent word crimes with Weird Al


Prey on words, part two/too/to

Lloyd's of Rochester:

ROFLMAO! Oh gosh, just too funny! I needed a good laugh!

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:

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Prey on words, celebrity edition

Lloyd's of Rochester:

I’m at a loss for words – enjoy! I did.

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“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Wayne W. Dyer

Lloyd's of Rochester:

She says it so well I have nothing to add.

Originally posted on Today is the best day of our lives:

You are the answer

“If you try to get rid of fear and anger without knowing their meaning,
they will grow stronger and return.”
– Deepak Chopra

「 我們在不願理解我們為何畏懼、為何生氣而急於擺脫他們
他們會變得更強烈,然後回來糾纏我們。 」

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Free Energy Nitinol Heat Machines invented in the early 1970

Raising Monarch Butterflies

I am trying out using Pages in WordPress by documenting the life of a Monarch caterpillar, but I am a bit dubious about whether this is the best way to do it.

We have regularly raised them for about 6 years, but last year we didn’t see even ONE butterfly in Rochester, NY, which made us sad and not a bit worried. This year my daughter found an egg! Within 2 days it had hatched and the saga began. Every 2 days or so I take a photo and write something about the progress.

I will also share how we raise them, using pictures and descriptions. We actually have found about 6 more (as of this writing), so you will see how we live with this increasing mess.

However I am putting a link to the page in this post so that I can have the benefit of categories and tags. Check it regularly!


If anyone knows a better way to do this or the right way to use Pages, please drop me a comment or so.

Older ladies, let’s smile, laugh and be happy!

It’s happy video time (just 3, this time)!

Guys, you can appreciate these too, but sometimes ladies get pretty down on themselves, and aging in our culture can be a big downer for us. Yet, in this far-too-often stressful, tragic, unhappy, negative world, we often forget that pain is inevitable, but misery is OPTIONAL. Call me Proudly Pollyanna!

So, knowing that a little encouragement goes a long way to helping us turn things around, if you’ve feeling a bit down (or a lot), watch these and laugh and sing along or dance and get some of that exercise that we all know we need but don’t get enough of.

(There’s a 24 hour version of this in 1 hour increments if you want to try dancing that long! Here’s the link to the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIqO1DPOkR0&list=PLp9XTIHDvWR_sIC6TpWd_igY8xH86C2H5)

Oh, and if you want some funny (not mean) stuff about Moms, Dads and family watch Anita Renfroe and Tim Hawkins. Enjoy!

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